Company Profile

Founded in the year 2003, Cosmos is equipped with all required wood working machines like wood chemical treatment plant / seasoning kiln & other furniture manufacturing machineries. Founder of the company Mr. G. Bajaj have a rich experience in handicraft industry & is very well known in handicraft industry arena as a game changer in terms of new product development and innovative ideas for product innovation. Mr. G Bajaj by nature is a democratic and dynamic leader. He never compromise on professional standards and deadlines.

Cosmos has team of professionals and in this we also have Mr. Nitin Maheshwari who is a management graduate from Mumbai and has got an experience of more than a decade with multinationals. His forte lies in strategic business thinking and its execution.

Cosmos also deals with Handmade Carpets, furnishing, accessories & other decorative products.

Cosmos has its customer base across the globe like UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Australia and South Africa.

Cosmos brings more than a decade of experience in manufacturing furniture products. It is proud of having skilled and motivated team members who are highly committed to producing quality products and implementing positive change. Their “do it right the first time” attitude is matched with the company’s modern equipment to produce certified quality products with innovative designs. Cosmos has developed a quality system designed for the furniture products industry, with the emphasis on ensuring consistent product quality and continuous improvement. This innovative approach enables Cosmos to significantly increase its efficiency and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.